The crispy and refreshing old-fashioned dim sum, walnut crisp, accompanies you to recall the sweet and fond memories of childhood

Today, in the case of work, a shortcut, after an old-style snack room, suddenly feel very close, recalled that the childhood snacks and now sold almost completely different, today’s snacks, birthday cakes of all kinds, before I still remember only birthday birthday cake is European, the remaining snacks are now the old-style snacks, such as slot cake, white tongue cake these.

The most let me forget is walnut crisp, childhood feeling walnut crisp is the world’s most delicious snacks, fragrant and crisp, a bite are off the slag, every time to eat all holding hands, fearful, a piece can eat for a long time, can not eat Walnut Crisp(合桃酥), so see that an old-style point heart room after, I especially love to eat walnut crisp, so today to the big guys suggested old-style snacks – walnut crisp.

【Dish】:Walnut Puff Pastry

The food needed]: low gluten flour bowl, cooking oil half bowl, cooked walnuts half bowl, cooked black sesame seeds appropriate, raw eggs 2, sugar appropriate, hair filial powder a small amount, soda a small amount.

The whole cooking process].

Step 1. Take a washed utensil, pour the cooking oil and white sugar prepared in advance into the utensil, beat in an egg, and stir the raw materials in the utensil in one direction with a whisk until thoroughly combined and enriched.

Step 2. If you prepare in advance of the cooked walnuts chopped with a knife, if more like the bumpy feel without cutting too much, want to be more detailed, you can use a rolling pin to roll, I love the bumpy feel, so not cut too much, if there is no existing walnuts at home, you can bake a little bit of their own, put the walnuts into the home oven in the high level, left and right are adjusted to 170 ℃, baked for 10 minutes on the top and bottom cooked through, take out and cool on You can use.

Step 3. Put the chopped walnuts into the freshly stirred liquid, then sift in the previously prepared low gluten powder, put the prepared hair filial powder. Soda and cooked black sesame seeds also, mix well with a whisk.

Step 4. Then take your hands and knead the mixture into a glossy batter, not wanting to stick items in your hands, you can wear a pair of disposable gloves.

Step 5. Once the batter is kneaded, divide it into small dough balls of similar size and knead again until it becomes a standard ring shape.

Step 6. Take a clean baking sheet, put the kneaded batter neatly into the baking sheet, then all pressed flat, then take a clean work, beat an egg into the bowl, stir well, the egg mixture with a small soft brush evenly brush out the pastry, if you have greaseproof paper at home can lay a layer of greaseproof paper at the bottom of the baking sheet, I do not have greaseproof paper at home, so did not lay.

Step 7. Set the home oven early to 180 ℃ heating, then put the baking tray into the home oven, about 180 ℃, baking twenty minutes on, after baking, the baking tray will be taken off, slightly dry for a while, and so the ambient temperature down, plate, that walnut crisp is done.

【Method of cooking】.

1. The big guys do their own walnut puff pastry case, it is best to do a little smaller, stronger encounter heat.

2. Home ovens are not the same, the ambient temperature is likely to be different, so when baking, be sure to take the condition of your own home oven as the standard.

The walnut crisp I made is a very traditional method, the people can do their own process of ingredients, such as oat flour, etc., the taste can also be adjusted, like to eat a little sweeter can add a little more sugar.

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