Eat fish oil can improve childre…

New research has found that children can improve their reading skills by eating fatty acids extracted from seafood and algae every day.Come to go smart to boost your baby’s immunity and intelligence!

Scientists at the University of Oxford studied 362 children aged 7-9 years who were asked to take 600 mg of omega-3 fatty acid tablets continuously for 16 weeks.

Although the practical study did not have a particularly significant effect, the scientists found that the five children with the worst reading instructional skills enhanced their reading learning ability after taking the fatty acid tablets, and the improvement effect was more pronounced than the effect of taking a placebo.

In the group of children in the bottom 10% of reading ability, they all showed continuous improvement in their reading learning ability after 1.9 months.

The DSM Nutritional Lipid Society provided financial management support for the development of the study, with omega-3 supplements provided by the Society for Learning and the study conducted by the University of Oxford alone.

The results of the study showed that daily doses of omega-3 DHA could help children with the lowest reading ability catch up with their peers.

This is the first study to demonstrate the efficacy of omega-3 for children with ADHD (dyslexia and developmental disorders) symptoms.”

However, while parents may report improvements in their children’s behavior problems, teachers do not respond similarly to improvements in “ADHD” and “position-defiant behaviour”.

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