How to remove hair without thick…

Use after shaving hair condition

The most common way to remove hair is to use a razor to remove hair. Whether it is a razor with moisturizing gel for men or a body knife for women with moisturizing soap, it is all close to the skin to make hair. The advantage of the shaving action is that it is very fast and convenient, and it can be operated together when taking a bath, but because only the upper half of the hair shaft is shaving, it needs to be shaving every 2-3 days depending on the growth rate of each dermes hairless. !The scraped part is cut from the middle of the hair, so the scraped hair grows thick and hard.

Hair condition after plucking

post-Removal Status – Recommended Removal Method

If you are a friend who is concerned about how to remove hair without getting thicker, you can try a professional hair removal method. Although removal methods include manual removal, hair removal stickers, beeswax, hot wax, etc. , Because it is necessary to remove the hair in the hair follicle, it is recommended to find a professional to do it, so as not to cause hair breakage or skin dermes hairless. With proper and professional hair removal, hair regrowth can last about 3-4 weeks and is less likely to develop thick, dark hair!

The state of hair after laser removal

Laser hair removal uses light waves to penetrate into the hair, generating heat energy in the hair follicles to achieve hair atrophy and being pushed out. Successful laser hair removal requires more than 6 operations. The dermes medilase seems to be the same, the atrophied hair will be pushed out by the skin after about 2-3 days. It is the most expensive method in the recommended hair removal method. The maintenance period of one application is about 4-6 weeks. After the application, you need to do another moisturizing work!

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