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Ultrasound can see many things

Although gastric ultrasound has a small name, it has been ultrasound system “Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Gastric Cancer (2018 Edition)”. According to the “Specification”, it is simple, flexible, intuitive, non-invasive, and non-radiative, and can be used as a routine imaging method for gastric cancer patients.

In addition to the development of gastric tumors, gastric ulcers, gastric stones, gastric polyps, gastric varicose veins, etc. can be checked by different ultrasounds. Students can find some clues. Ultrasound technology can realize dynamic management to observe the peristaltic speed of the gastric wall, understand the function of the gastric emptying system, and simultaneously check whether the pylorus and the cardia (respectively the exit and entrance of the stomach) have contrast medium reflux, so as to analyze and judge whether the enterprise has pylorus or not. Insufficiency and achalasia, which are unique advantages of Chinese ultrasound.

Safe and painless for all ages

Gastroscopy can see the gastrointestinal tract with the naked eye, but the examination often brings some discomfort. For the elderly, children and other truly refractory patients, pregnant women and other special groups, safe, non-radiation ultrasound examination is a good choice.

Not long ago, an eighty-year-old mother-in-law suffered from stomach discomfort for half a year. Due to poor heart and lung function, she could not do a gastroscopy. The doctors used an ultrasound to find that the stomach wall was thickened and there were ulcers in the middle.

The difference between gastric ultrasound and gastroscope

Although both a gastroscope and an ultrasound can find stomach problems, they are not the same. A gastroscope is the layer that you stick into your stomach to look at the mucous membrane. If lesions are found, tissue can be taken for biopsy in time, and some lesions can be treated directly under the endoscope. Ultrasonography is based on the penetrating power of ultrasound, “seeing through” the body surface. It can be seen inside and out, but lesions cannot be biopsied or treated when they are found. Ideally, gastric ultrasonography is used as the primary screening, and a gastroscopic biopsy is performed when problems are found.

The lives of gastric cancer patients in my country account for almost 40% of the world’s total. Due to the insidious onset, many affected patients have already developed in the middle and late stages of society when they go to the hospital for examination. Therefore, patients with upper abdominal discomfort, stomach pain, anemia, and long-term use of various oral drugs can do gastroduodenal ultrasound screening first, and do not endure gastrointestinal discomfort just because we are afraid of gastroscopy work.

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