High-priced dental implants should not become a “hard bone to chew”

“If you don’t treat your teeth, your teeth hurt; if you see your teeth, your heart hurts.” “If you plant a full mouth of dentures, it is equivalent to buying a suite in the county.” When it comes to dental implants, the first reaction of many people is expensive. The implantation of a tooth香港植牙 does not move 10,000 to 20,000 yuan, and does not include medical insurance reimbursement, so many patients feel very stressful work.

It is often said that the dental implant is made of titanium metal metal implants (human resources dental bed), placed in the tooth socket of the defective part of the tooth, when the osseointegration is carried out, on top of which is placed a consistent human resources orthodontic appliances. The restorative effect is very similar to that of natural teeth in terms of efficacy, structure and design, so it is very popular among patients.

The people can’t help but ask: although dental implants are good, why are they so expensive? Is there a price reduction in the design of the interior space?

According to the analysis of professional institutions, the bigger expense of dental implants is the dental implant body – independent human resources dental bed price in the middle of 3,500 – 12,000 yuan, accounting for 50% of the overall cost. Behind the expensive price, some “cave” intriguing. Heard, “nearly more than 10,000 yuan a imported dental implants, posted nearly half of the cost of consumption for ‘store market sales’”, even the manufacturer’s staff feel that “the price of dental consumables away from the real practical value Even the manufacturer’s staff feels that “the price of dental consumables is deviating from the real practical value”. In this, it is difficult to hide the huge “promotion costs” and even “deep gray media PR”. Such a high “direct cost” is actually paid by the patient, so the “water” should be squeezed.

In addition, dental implants are part of health care, the process is complex, the standards are high, the process is operated by a specialist with insight, the patient has to be seen several times, the doctor’s labor cost is not low. To put it simply, the standard of this part of the fee schedule must be strictly supervised by the relevant departments of scientific regulation.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. The above wishes are certainly good, but the specific should also be taken into account.

On the one hand, the spatial layout of health insurance is to “protect the majority”, health insurance funds try to fully consider the affordability and sustainability of payments. On the other hand, the costly dental implants are not the only way to repair tooth defects. Therefore, the National Health Insurance Bureau, in response to the suggestions made by the representatives of the people, indicated that at present, most of the devices such as eyeglasses, movable dentures and prosthetic eyes are not included in the scope of medical insurance payment in different parts of the country. In addition, the relevant departments focus on, encourage the conditions of the territory, according to their own economic and social development and assets affordability to develop scientific and standardized payment standards. It is right to say that this is also a pragmatic and realistic state of mind, but also shows the use of operational flexibility in response to the changing times.

In fact, to address the general public’s desire for a better quality of daily life and the increasing number of people choosing dental implants, some regions are already exploring the use of health insurance personal accounts to pay for dental implant expenses. This act does not involve the health insurance socio-economic development of the health insurance co-ordination “cost reimbursement system”, but the use of private account property, the correct treatment of dental implant costs back to a reasonable range still has leading practical significance.

The way is always more than difficult, dental implant supplies to reduce the price of indoor space design is clear, “price reduction is an inevitable trend. The market competition in the field of abundance can not exist price monopoly, spacious market prospects is the “volume for price” basically. “The price of the imported implants is three times that of the famous Chinese brand” is also a strong encouragement for the famous Chinese brand to pursue head-on.

The cardiovascular stent of tens of thousands of dollars has been reduced to 700 diversified, the excessive cost of dental implants should not become a “hard bone that can not be gnawed”.


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